Color Infused Hair! So gorgeous but still Intimidating…

Color Infused Hair! So gorgeous but still Intimidating….


Color Infused Hair! So gorgeous but still Intimidating…

So I really love this color trend but I guess maybe I’m still on the traditional side…. I mean I love this ombré I think it so edgy and creative, at the same time I don’t see myself wearing blue, green, purple hair etc…. I think it still carries an air of punk rocker, tattooed starving artist, rolling stone type. I wish it didn’t have such a care of what people may think of me stepping out with my pink bob! though I think hair like this and by other famous musicians such as Nikki Minaj & Katie Perry are Fantastic and Somewhat freeing I presume. . . But there famous lol, and most of us are not. I do salute the everyday gal that can rock some purple and pink locks! (I secretly envy you). I can’t help but wonder though.. am I being to uptight?

Yes we Love Ombré Hair!

okay so 1 of my new favorite things that’s actually not new at all is ombre hair! it seems to be a craze among celebrities, models actresses and everyday people!

Ombre hair refers to hair color fading from dark to light, or vice versa. Instead of the color starting from the roots, it gradually becomes lighter, or darker, towards the ends. The word “ombre” inFrench means shadow or shade.
Most of you can Ombre your hair all by yourself you just need a few things, 4 ounces of powdered bleach 4 ounces of the volume 30 cream developer a plastic bowl and some foil, but what’s most important is that you use a high quality hair extension like Hair the place for luxury Human Hair!

If a low grade hair is used this process may cause the hair to turn pink, green, or melt…. This is usually true of off name hair brands and hair that you may find in packages at the beauty supply store or drugstore. To avoid this I suggest for high quality human hair.
So to get your Ombre look all you have to do is make the powdered bleach in the plastic bowl along with the 30 volume creme developer then apply it to the track I always suggest unrolling the track and doing it piece by piece so that none of the hair gets over processed and so that you get an even color when completed. Now for the ombre look you can either do only the ends from the ear lobes down or even from 1 inch off the root down it’s all considered ombre.
Apply the bleach let’s it for 30 minutes under the heat then check, if not the desired color yet you can let it sit for another 30 minutes under the heat. Rince, and apply what ever color you desire semi permanents work well in this process!

So Ombre on Ladies! And don’t forget at we can ombre any hair for you! With purchase! We will do all the hard work and ship it right to your door!

Virgin Indian Hair! Is it really Virgin?

Okay so we have all heard of Indian hair extensions, Virgin Indian Hair, or Remy Indian hair. It seems to be a favorite among celebrities, musicians and just about every beauty supply store you can find. So now you’re beginning to wonder what makes this here so great what makes Indian hair different from other hair’s? Well for some of you hair extension lovers that have being around the block with hair weaves for a while you may remember less than 10 years ago the hair that most women requested was a silky yaki, perm yaki, or european straight.. But then came along are great friend virgin Indian hair. Now Unlike hair extensions of old this hair is extremely versatile flexible and durable. It’s a lustrous hair full of body and shine. The straight texture is not a bone straight like yaki straight hair or european hair it has a slight wave to it that can be worn completely straight or wavey but has lots of body. It works extremely well with just about every hair type in the world whether you have European type of hair Asian type of hair or African American type of hair it will blend comfortably. It can be dyed blow dried curled flat iron cut colored and teased.

But is Virgin Indian hair really Virgin Hair?

It depends You see in order for all the cuticles to go 1 direction and because of the location of origin for the Indian hair every single bit of it is slightly processed that is why Our Remi (Remy) hair Extension Superstore does not put “Virgin” in their title, altho we are graded as AAAA+ Virgin Remi Hair. Our Indian hair is harvested from Temples all over India it is donated to the temples by the locals as a ancient tradition. After the hair is collected it is bid upon by different companies and then prepared for shipment distribution and selling. Before any of these hair’s can come to the US or UK or any other countries it has to be cleansed of bugs insects or bacteria excetera. Any damaged or gray discolored strands are removed. So after this process is done the hair is now ready to be packaged and sold. So as you see although Our Indian Hair is Virgin it has gone under a form of processing although very mild.

What makes LuxMaine’s Indian Hair One of the best…
Well outside of our hundreds of extremely satisfied customers within of months of opening we reassure you our Indian hair will blend extremely well with whatever here type you may have and you will have the ability to use it as your own! We supply Natural Straight Indian Hair, Body Wave Indian hair, and Curly Indian Hair. Any of these 3 hair’s are excellent choice for your new look or upgrade to your previous style! But 1 thing I would like to know is how has your experience being with Indian hair? Do you think it’s the best Hair Type on the market? Do you think this article was helpful on your choice of hair? Thank you!